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STARRING : Daggubati Rana, Genelia, Harshavardhan Rane, Brahmanandam, Nasser

MUSIC :  Chakri
DIRECTOR : Prakash Tholeti

RELEASE DATE : March 23rd, 2012

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Below Average

Tall and handsome Daggubati Rana hasn't tasted a success till date in career both in Telugu and Hindi films. Today, he came on Ugadi with new commercial story of Naa Ishtam with Genelia as romantic partner. Debutant director Toleti Chakri and Simha fame producer Kireeti have made this film with all new look of Rana. Here is the fate of Naa Ishtam.


Ganesh aka Ghani (Rana) is an egoistic young guy living in Malaysia. He is greedy and selfish who never thinks about others. In unexpected situation, he meets Krishna Veni (Genelia). She has a love story behind. Krishna Veni and Kishore (Harshavardhan Rane) are lovers while Naidu (Nassar), father of Krishna Veni and her brother (Subba Raju) does not like her choice. As there is no other option left, they plan to run away and get married. When Kishore do not turn up, Krishna Veni feels dejected of getting fooled in love. With selfish motive of getting reward money as return from Naidu, Ghani surrenders Krishna Veni before Naidu. Then Ghani realizes his mistake only after watching the cruel attitude of Naidu and he brings her back to Malaysia. As time goes on, slowly Krishna Veni and Ghani gets attracted towards each other. At this moment, Kishore comes back in story to take Krishna Veni and on other side Naidu hires Malaysia Don Salim Bhai (Shawar Ali) to kill Ghani. Rest is how Ghani uses his wits to win Krishna Veni is climax.


Rana used his tall height in advantage to perform high duty stunts. He adopted new style in comedy and emotional scenes. Rana's dancing abilities are also good but he should be selective about choreographers. Director tried to concentrate and use all available positives in Rana. There is long way for him to develop as a total artist. Genelia hasn't got a meaty role. As regular, she is excellent when displaying minute of the expressions with her cute face. Harshavardhan Rane of Thakita Thakita fame got good role. Comedy by Brahmanandam as Kadiyam Bujji along with Jogi brothers was time passing. Shawar Ali, Subba Raju, Raghu Babu, Ahuti Prasad and others are acceptable. Friendship and love developing scenes between Rana, Genelia are well crafted.


Director Toleti Chakri's inexperience in script and direction made the movie to suffer in second half. He adopted longest route to take movie to end. Chakri has no idea on how to hold viewers attention. Second half is a big let down. First half has entertaining scenes to get share of humor. Director made characters to lose belief in them self by his lazy treatment. Chakri's childish handling of triangular love story made Naa Ishtam a boring and fallacious drama. Cinematography and editing suffered with weak visual effects loosing the brightness. Chakri's music is below average. Picturization of songs is also very weak. Dialogues are good just in some scenes.


Naa Ishtam is a very poor flick which tried to bring too many commercial components in Rana. Efforts by team of Toleti Chakri went wrong and Rana is to definitely end up with a below average movie. Watch it for headache. It is your "Ishtam" and your "Kashtam".

Actor's Cut
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