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STARRING : Sharawanand, Ananya, Jai, Anjali and others

MUSIC :  Satya
DIRECTOR : Saravanan

RELEASE DATE : December 16th, 2011

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The story is a mix of love, life and emotions. Sharawanand is in Hyderabad. He helps Annaya a girl from a small village, who came to Hyderabad to attend an interview. After that Sharawanand leaves for his hometown Vijayawada. It is only after some time that both Sharawanand and Ananya realize that they not just like each other but are also in love. So Sharawananad takes a bus from Vijayawada to meet Ananya in Hyderabad. At the same time Ananya boards a bus in Hyderabad to meet Sharawananad in Vijayawada.

On a parallel note there is another couple who are in love. They are Jai and Anjali. Jai is a shy boy while Anjali is an outspoken person. They both fall in love and the two of them board the same bus as that of Sharawananad. Jai is taking Anjali to his hometown to introduce her to his parents.

The two buses coming from Hyderabad and Vijayawada respectively collide near Suryapet. The big accident results in not only the death of some passengers but many more are injured. The remaining part of the story is about the people in the two buses, their lives and the nightmare that they have to go through. What happens to the two set of lovers is the suspense element that must be seen on the screen.


Sharawananad has come up with excellent performance in films earlier. He comes up with a brilliant performance this time too. He is a good actor and he is sure to make it big in future. Ananya is cute and also has acting talent. She does justice to her role. Jai is good and he improves as the film progresses. Anjali is apt for the role. All the four have done full justice to their roles.


Journey is a film that is not the regular run of the mill film. It is a film that is very close to reality. The director explores the various facets of life and the emotions and relationships. The film has a strong dose of everyday life and looks at life in a deep manner that one normally does not want to see or experience. The director conveys a lot without boring or turning preachy.


The film has a good storyline, an interesting screenplay, good music and RR and the acting by the lead actors is good. The director shows remarkable skill and he is ably assisted by the cinematographer. The film is a emotional journey and one that is very close to everyday life. As such the regular film buffs who go to watch movies for regular entertainment like love, action and fights will not be pleased. Still Journey is a powerful film with a good message and values and can be seen once.

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