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STARRING : Sumanth, Vedika, Brahmanandam and others

MUSIC :  Raghu Kunche
DIRECTOR : Chavali Ravi Kumar

RELEASE DATE : 26 August 2011

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Below Average

Sumanth is a talented actor but has been struggling for long to score a hit. His lst film Golconda High School was a modest hit. Let us see if he has managed to bounce back and get the hit he so desperately need with Daggaraga Dooramga,
Gautam (Sumanth) is an ad film director. He fails to find a suitable model for a new ad that he is getting ready to shoot. So he takes out the stock pictures from his library and morphs the eyes, nose, lips, face of the models and cerates a new image. He gives the image the name of Kamakshi Basu. He creates an ad using this image.
A problem arises when a real girl Vedika appears with exactly similar features created by Gautam. The ad creates trouble for Vedika as the ad spoils her image and leads to he engagement being cancelled.
Vedika learns that the ad has been made by Gautam. She now wants to take revenge on him for spoiling her life. She takes the help of investigative journalist Zareena (Sindhu Tulani).
Zareena has just shot footage of some terrorists and the DVD holds some key information about their activities. Zareena gives the DVD to Vedika and tells her that she will come and take her to Gautam after shooting some more footage on the terrorists. However Zareena fails in her mission this time. She is captured by the terrorists who kill her.
The terrorists learn that the DVD is with Vedika. They set out to trace her.  The police is after the terrorists and come to a conclusion that Gautam and Vedika too are terrorists.
Gautam and Vedika have no option but to runaway and hide from the police as well as the terrorists. How they manage to bust the terrorists conspiracy and come out clean forms the basis for the remaining part of the story.

Sumanth is supposed to be the hero but his role does not give him an opportunity to make any huge impact. Sumanth sticks to his routine mannerism and just about manages to come up with a just okay performance. Vedika is just average. Brahmanandam evokes some laughter with his dialogues but it is just another routine role for him.  Sindhu Tulani is okay. Raghu Babu and Rajesh try to raise some laughter but their comedy is cheap.
The director tries to show something different but the film ends up as just another routine flick with a terrorist backdrop. Raghu Kunche’s music is average. It is just the title song that is good. The film is a low budget film and it shows clearly on the screen. There is noting much to say about the cinematography and other technical departments.
The film does not have any positive things going its way. The film is poorly directed. The film has very little entertainment values and there is also far removed from a thriller. The director is clueless about handling a subject like terrorism. The climax is abrupt and predictive. Daggaraga Dooramga ends up as a below average film that has very little chance at the box office.

Actor's Cut
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