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STARRING : Pavan Kalyan,Nikisha Patel

MUSIC :  A. R Rahaman

RELEASE DATE : 10th Sept 2010

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Below Average

The long wait of Pawan Kalyan fans finally ended today. His film Komaram Puli hit the screens and the fans were all ecstatic in anticipation. Let us see how far the film has been able to satisfy the film lovers.
 Puli (Pawan Kalyan) loses his father while he is still in his mother’s womb. His father is a honest cop and a gangster has killed him. Puli’s mother (Saranya) vows to make her son a honest and upright officer.
Puli saves the life of Prime Minister and he is rewarded. Puli asks for a favour from the PM. He wants a special team of police officers who can work independently without red tape and interference.
Puli gets his team. When he is asked to trace the whereabouts of a missing police officer, his trail leads him to don Al Saleem (Manoj Bajpaye). Puli is enticed by a girl in uniform (Nikisha Patel) while he is on his mission.
The rest of the story is how Puli brings down the empire of Al Saleem.
The film is a Pawan Kalyan show all the way with other characters just doing their bit in supporting roles. Somehow the special zing of Pawan Kalyan is missing in the film. He does try hard and belts out some powerful dialogues but still the magic is missing.
Nikisha Patel is hot but her role is not etched properly. Manoj Bajpaye also does not come across as a deadly villain that he is supposed to be. Shreya sizzles in the item song. Ali’s comedy is not up to the mark. Saranya is apt as the mother. The others from Nazar to Girish Karnad just go about their roles ac per the script.
The film promises bit but delivers very little. There is not much entertainment and it turns out as a long drawn out and routine police action movie.
Pawan Kalyan’s dialogues and his performance in a couple of scenes is praise worthy, other than that there is not much to say about the film.
AR Rehman’s music was okay to listen to but it has not been portrayed on screen effectively. The film drags and there is no logic or continuity.
The film has too many unwanted and lengthy action scenes and they only ad to the boredom of the audiences.
Komaram Puli disappoints big time and even die hard fans of Pawan Kalyan would not be satisfied at all with the direction and screenplay of SJ Suryah.The three year long wait after Jalsa has not at all been furitful.

Actor's Cut
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