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Sumanth speaks about his ex-wife Keerthi Reddy
He is a decade-old in Tollywood and has his uncle, superstar Nagarjuna, for a godfather. Yet, Sumanth is touted as Tollywood’s “perennial struggler”. His contemporaries Mahesh Babu and Junior NTR are many notches ahead of him in terms of fame and fortune, but none of that deters him, Sumanth says. Keeping his fingers crossed as his upcoming film Boni is set for release, he says, “Yes, I haven’t tasted success like the rest. But I am not ready to give up yet. The initial years of my career were mediocre. But ever since my movie Satyam was a hit, my career has looked up. Critics may insist otherwise, but most of my movies have been commercial hits. I haven’t had a blockbuster yet, but that’s no parameter to set eyes on. I am successful, if you ask me, and I’m happy about the way my career is shaping up.”  Sumanth, who has had his moments in films like Shekhar Kammula’s Godavari, says he is hoping to come across a good script more often. sadly it’s his personal life that makes more news than his professional one, and Sumanth says he’s learnt to live with it. does the constat talk about his wrecked marriage with Keerti Reddy pull him down? “No,” he says. “We have both moved on, Keerti is married now and has a kid. The episode is over and we are all happy. I am still in touch with her family members. There is no bitterness. Everything ended well. I am not going to get married any time soon, but that doesn’t really effect my work,” he quips. Though he comes from a family of actors, successful ones at that, he is on his own, he says. “I used to consult them before signing projects till Satyam. Now I take my own decisions depending on the script. When all of us meet at home, we don’t talk about films we are working on. After our movies release, we watch them on the screen like audience. My uncle, Nag, and my sister are extremely critical about my performance and their feedback is honest.”  Armed with a graduation in direction and screenwriting, Sumanth who aspires to be a director-cum-producer 10 years down the line, says he does have Plan B in place, but not for another decade. “direction is not an immediate option, but I will direct some day. I can’t write a great story but I can identify one and represent it well on the screen. But I will be a film producer for sure.”  Things may be moving at a dull pace, but “life’s a party”, says Sumanth who works out four times a week, parties every weekend and watches a movie at his home theatre everyday. “It’s holiday time now, and I’m planning to go to South Africa for the IPL semi-finals and finals,” he quips. - D C

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