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Chiru Vaaradhi from Canada and Malaysia

Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization conducted successfully the seventh & eighth "PRAVASA VAARADHI" events in Toronto, Canada and Malaysia on August 2nd and 3rd 2008. Both the events received huge response and the audience expressed their unprecedented support to Dr. Chiranjeevi. Mr. Nagendra Babu speaking on both the occasions via Tele-Conference, appreciated the support of NRIs and assured that Chiru Political Party will bring justice for all and mentioned that Dr. Chiranjeevi will announce the party in third week of August.

Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization President Mr. Narasaiah Vadranam, speaking on the occasion said that Dr.Chiranjeevi's political entry will provide economic and political justice to all, irrespective of the communities and regions. Prominent Toronto based NRIs Rajendra Prasad Motepalli, Ramesh Ramineni, Prasad Dongla, Bose Vemuri, Mr. and Mrs. Surya Narayan Bezawada and Riaz Ali expressed confidence with Dr. Chiranjeevi and their hope that new party will bring change for better. Veteran Srinivasa Rao Godapati spoke about the need of new leader in Andhra Pradesh politics. Srinivasa Rao Kandela from Detroit elaborated on the need for social justice and rural economical development. Advisor Siva Kumar Arza, addressing the audience spoke about the economical imbalance in the state for the last 60 years and a "Positive Change" can come only with Dr.Chiranjeevi. Event conveners Mr. Sudhakar Sanaka, Ram Kishan Chowdarapu, Vardhinedi Raju, Radha Krishna, Srivalli, Bhanu Prakash and Bhagwath Vadyala praised Dr.Chiranjeevi's social services through Blood bank and Eye Bank and requested NRIs to encourage family and friends back in India to extend their support to him.

Around 200 Indians gathered for the first time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to express their support to Dr. Chiranjeevi. Mukharjee P.A.P and Shekhar Chavan compeering the meeting introduced "Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization" and its true representation of all the Chiru political party supporters across the globe. Mr. Nagendra babu addressing the audience stressed on the importance of the support of NRI's for the welfare of the people. Mr. Narasaiah Vadranam, speaking on the occasion via tele conference mentioned that vast sections of population are looking towards Dr. Chiranjeevi to realize the short and long term goals of the state. Speakers Srinivasa Rao P, HariBabu Kasam, Vijay Reddy, Vasanth Kumar V and Rebba Kiran covered various topics including the need for Dr. Chiranjeevi in politics, the steps to minimize Corruption, Economic and Social Development, the need for Primary Health and Education to all the people of Andhra pradesh. Event conveners included Narendra B, Satish Kumar Reddy D, Praveen Kumar Y & Ravinder Reddy G whose active participation made this event a grand success.

Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization Vice President Srinivasa Manapragada, South West Regional Vice President Shekhar Seera, Mid West Regional Vice President Srinivas Lottala, Northwest Regional Vice President Kalyan Palla, Central Regional Vice President Raghuveer Bhandi, Southwest Regional Vice President Mr. Siva Kondapalli, Advisor Mr. Krishnamurthy Podipireddy and Public Relations in Charge Srikanth Palivela congratulated and thanked the audience and volunteers in making the "Pravasa Vaaradhi" events in Toronto and Malaysia a grand success.

Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization has organized a special flight for 300 NRI supporters and well wishers of Dr. Chiranjeevi Political party to leave from USA to Hyderebad on August 15th. Please visit www.pravasachiranjeevi.org for more details.

Tags:Chiru, Vaaradhi, from, Canada, and, Malaysia, Political, Entertainment, Telugu, English

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